Posted by: China | September 23, 2007

Warm Days are Almost Over

The days are shorter and getting pretty cool. I like that but it means that my field will soon be light grey (Mom says that’s brown) and dead. There’s still plenty of stuff to smell when it’s like that, but it’s oh so much more interesting when it’s that darker shade of grey (Mom says it’s green). It smells sweet, has all those flowers and the grass just tastes so much better.

Oh. I’m not supposed to do that. Hee.

Mom says this is favorite season. It’s not hot, not cold and not humid very often. She also likes to watch those trees change colors. Even I can tell that it’s very different from the normal dark grey, uh, green. I just think it’s fun to run through all those fallen leaves. That hasn’t started to happen yet, but I can smell it coming.

Zoe is doing good. She’s not as affectionate as Daddy would like – she never sits in his lap when they watch movies – but I can understand. I’m not much of a cuddler myself. I like to have my space, you know?

We heard her meow this morning – she’s only done it a few times and Mom’s never heard it until today. It’s kind of high an screetchy and very quiet. I think she just hasn’t had any practice using it. That’s fine with me. Hissy Kitty got plenty of practice and it was never pleasant. She would howl really loud when she was bored.

Mom says the biggest problem with Zoe is that when she looks at her, she gets a craving for chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Posted by: Zoe | September 13, 2007

Z, My Name is Zoe

zoe.jpgHello. My name is Zoe. I’m a new cat here on the blogosphere web thingy. My sister, China, and the female human that gave me a new home helped me set up my own blog account. I thought about making my own blog, but I’m pretty new to all this technology stuff – I’m only two years old – but I’m pretty smart. I’ll figure it out. For now, and maybe for always, I’ll just hang around this here blog. It’s kinda nice.

Fortunately, I’ve already gotten a lot of welcomes to these internets. Hopefully, I won’t contribute to the blocking of the tubes.

Diva Kitty (aka Sophia) tagged me and China with a meme a looooong time ago. I have to answer all these questions and the answers have to start with the first letter of my name and they have to be real words, not made up ones. This is going to be tough!

My name: Zoe

1. Famous Singer: Ziggy Pop

2. Four letter word: Zoot (as in suit)

3. Street: Zephyr (it’s in Florida)

4. Color: Zinnia Pink

5. Gifts/Presents: Zoo Animals

6. Vehicle: Zeplin

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Zany T-shirts

8. Boy Name: Zachary

9. Girl Name: Zelda

10. Movie Title: Z (It’s real, check it out)

11. Drink: Zombie

12. Occupation: Zombie Wrangler

13. Celebrity: Zod (as in, “Kneel before…”)

14. Magazine: Z (It’s real, check it out)

15. U.S. City: Zephyrhills, Florida

16. Pro Sports: I do not believe there is one – not a real one.

17. Fruit: Zucchini (technically a fruit)

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Zzzzzzzzz

19. Something You Throw Away: Zoo animal poop (I’m getting desperate here!)

20. Things You Shout: Zut Alors!

21. Cartoon Character: Zim, Invader

I just couldn’t find anything for a few. If anyone can think of anything, please post in the comments!

Posted by: China | September 3, 2007


Most summers we all take a lot of day trips around the cold place to battle the cabin fever.  This past summer we haven’t gone much of anywhere. In fact, the only places I’ve been this summer are Grammy and Grampy’s, Aunty Wendy’s and a few car rides around town.

Yesterday, we finally took a long car ride to a new place with all sorts of new smells – at least 13. We went to a place called A-cay-di-uh park. First, we had to go over this nifty bridge. (click on any of the pictures to seen ’em bigger.)


Mom doesn’t like bridges much, even if they’re brand new like this one.

When we got to Acadia (Mom told me how to really spell it) there were lots and lots of people. We saw some dogs, too, but not as many as you would expect with all those people. Of course, a lot of those people were talking in languages I didn’t understand at all (I only know a little bit of English – the rest is translated for me) so I think they may have not been from around here and had to leave their pooches at home. Too bad. The ones I did see were very nice pooches.

We drove around and looked at all the sites. All those trees I didn’t get to mark. *sigh* Oh well. Hopefully we’ll go back someday soon. Mom says she’d like to when there aren’t so many people. Sometimes she has too little patience and just can’t be around a lot of people. I don’t know why. I loves peoples. Even the kiddies who wanted to pet me were way nice to me.

This was one of Mom’s favorite spots on Mt. Desert Island (which is where Acadia Park is – and it’s pronounced Dessert. Yummy.)


It’s a natural Seawall. Just looked like a big pile of rocks to me, but I was mad because I wasn’t allowed to go out on it. Hmph. Who wants to look at a big pile of rocks anyway?


We went on a long hike out to the beach and after that, we were all pretty tired and went home. Since today is a holiday, here’s how I’m spending the rest of my Labor Day.


Have a happy holiday, everyone!

Oh, and Zoe says she’s going to blog soon but she needs a day or so to crash. She’s been on a catnip high for a few days and has been acting all cuh-razy. At least, I hope it’s the catnip. If she’s like this all the time, this house is going to be like Steve Martin used to be – wild and crazy!

Posted by: China | August 29, 2007

I’m it!

Diva Kitty (aka Sophia) tagged me with a meme. I have to answer all these questions and the answers have to start with the first letter of my name.

My name: China

1. Famous Singer: Crosby (der Bingle)

2. Four letter word: Ummm, Mom says I can’t put this word here because it’s just way too nasty. But, it starts with a ‘c’ and ends with a ‘t’

3. Street: Coolidge Avenue

4. Color: Cornflower Blue

5. Gifts/Presents: Ceramic Action Heroes

6. Vehicle: Chrysler

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Cheesy T-shirts

8. Boy Name: Clyde

9. Girl Name: Clarissa

10. Movie Title: Cat People

11. Drink: Champagne

12. Occupation: Cigarette Girl

13. Celebrity: Charlie Chaplin (Two C’s for the price of one!)

14. Magazine: Cosmo

15. U.S. City: Charleston

16. Pro Sports: Cricket

17. Fruit: Cantaloupe

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Can’t wake up

19. Something You Throw Away: Cat litter (ewwww!)
20. Things You Shout: Cowabunga!

21. Cartoon Character: Calvin (friend of Hobbes)

Phew! I finished!

Zoe says she’ll post hers soon, making her blogging debut. She says that since her last name starts with a Z, she might have to borrow a dictionary.

Posted by: China | August 26, 2007

It’s been a week and a day

Zoe’s been here a whole week now. Mom and Dad say she’s fitting in faster than they expected and she’s already acting like she owns the place. And since she’s a cat…I guess she does.

She knows her name now and is starting to come when she’s called every once in a while. She’s still being stubborn about jumping on the kitchen island. I told her that Mom was never going to give in to her about that, but she just told me to keep watching and that she’ll break her down.

It’s nice having a kitty who doesn’t mind me being around. She had tried to play with me a few times, but I still find that so confusing that it scares me a little. That and she has claws. HK didn’t have front claws so I knew her swipes couldn’t hurt me. Even if she doesn’t mean to, Zoe could hurt my little nose. Okay, my big nose.

She says she might start posting to the blog soon and that I won’t have to do it for her. She’s more of a ‘paws on’ kitty.

As long as she keeps the claws in side the paws, that’s fine with me!

-Woof! (China)

Posted by: China | August 20, 2007

Too Quiet

100_2897.jpgThis kitty is too quiet.

You always knew where Hissy Kitty was.  If she was in the room, she would either be trying to get in Mom and Dad’s lap, or she would sit on the floor and ‘talk’ to them. (I don’t think they knew what she was saying or they wouldn’t have kept talking to her. But I’ll always keep her secret.)

But Zoe – she hasn’t made a sound since she got here, and she’s really quiet when she walks around the house. She doesn’t go ‘ka-thunk ka-thunk ka-thunk’ when she comes down the stairs (which isn’t very often, *pout*) and she still hasn’t meowed. Not once.

Mom and Dad say she’s purred a couple of times, but it’s really, really hard to hear. I guess there won’t be any late-night caterwauling for Zoe. Unless she lets loose when she feels comfortable around here.

For now, she has a bell on her collar so they’ll know where she is. Of course, she moves so careful, you can only hear the bell when she jumps off the bed or is shaking her head.

I think this kitty could give me the spooks.

Posted by: China | August 19, 2007

Good News!

Zoe gave me head bumps today, and I wasn’t even annoying her. I think she likes me!

Posted by: China | August 18, 2007


Mom and Dad went to the animal shelter this afternoon. I didn’t go because – well – I’m still scared of those places. I was treated real good when I had to live in one, but I don’t ever want to go back.

Mom says that when they first walked in, there was a cage with two kitties in it – a brown and white one and a big, gray fluffy one. Daddy liked the brown one – it rubbed up against his hand.

They looked around at all the kitties. Most of them were asleep. The only one that stood up and meowed at them was one that was already adopted.

They asked about the kitties and which would get along with dogs. They looked at a huge kitty named Bull who seemed nice but his personality was kind of domineering (Mom looked up that word for me. I didn’t want to call a kitty I don’t know personally a bully behind his back). He gave off a ‘this is my place, but you can stay as long as I want you to’ vibe.

So, they met the brown and white kitty and she turned out to be nice. Her name was Snickers. She was laid back, didn’t mind being held and – get this – she liked belly rubs! No one who likes belly rubs can be all bad, right? I mean, did you ever see Lex Luthor asking for a belly rub? Me neither.

So, after visiting with her for about an hour, they decided to adopt her and bring her home. They didn’t like her name, though, and since she had had it for only a week or so, they decided it was between Zoe and Teagen. They finally went with Zoe.

When they brought her home, Daddy took me outside and Mom let Zoe look around the house – showed her where her private box is, the food, all that important stuff. I wanted back inside real bad, because I had smelled that kitty in the box when Mom passed me.

So, I finally came in. Zoe was upstairs scoping out her spot on the bed so I went right up. Now, for anyone who knows me, you know this is kind of amazing. I hate those stairs and have only been up them three times in the 3 years we’ve lived here – but I just had to meet Zoe!

She was up on the bed, so I walked over real cautious like, ready to jump back if I heard a hiss or saw a paw heading toward my schnozz – it’s pretty big, so I’m sure she wouldn’t miss it – but all she did was look at me with her big, green eyes.

Then she began touring the house – she went ’round and ’round and ’round, learning all the cool hiding places, seeing how many times Mom would make her get off the kitchen table, all that stuff. I stayed right behind her, sniffed her a lot, gave her little slurps on the face when I could get close enough.

She never really sat still long enough for me to tell if she likes me or not, but she did give me a couple of head bumps and never hissed or smacked at me, and Mom tells me I was kind of obnoxious a few times. She seems pretty nice. I just hope she stays that way after she’s learned she’s the new kitty princess of the house.

And now, since I’m sure you’re tired of my babbling (I’m excited, okay?) here are some pictures of my new kitty sister. She has really pretty markings – a brown tuxedo cat with garters on her legs, and white spats.

Here she is, exploring the kitchen. Aren’t those white markings on her legs nifty?


More of her exploring the kitchen. Here, you can see her white belly.


She found the cat windowsill really fast and sat in the sun for a few minutes. After this, she kept trying to walk across the table, but Mom kept telling her no and putting her back on the windowsill. She’s not stupid, because she finally went down by using the chair instead.


And here’s me, giving her the tour of the front room. I showed her where my space is and she didn’t seem to want it for herself. Yay! I’m so excited, my eyes are glowing green! Maybe I could be the next Green Lantern. In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Beware the power–Green Lantern’s light!

Nah, that wouldn’t work. I still have fear.


Fiona, thanks for the offer of Sophia, she seems like a nifty kitty, but I think your Mom might not like that. She likes her kitty, even though I hear she snores.

I asked Zoe if she would like to blog, but she said I could do it for her for a while. (I’m not sure she knew what a blog was, but I didn’t want to embarrass her) . Maybe later she’ll pop in and say hello.

But it’s still my blog. 🙂

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Decisions, Decisions

837907_eyes_cat.jpgMom and Dad asked me an important question tonight and I’m still pondering.

They asked me if I wanted to adopt a new kitty. They’re still missing HK something terrible but feel ready to give a new kitty a good home.

I’m of mixed feelings. I loved HK, sure, but…will the new kitty be nice to me? I don’t mind if the kitty wants to be the princess (or prince) but I don’t want it to smack me around and take over my couch space, you know? And I’m not the assertive type. If the kitty took my couch space, I probably wouldn’t do much about it.

But the kitty might be nice. I’ve met lots of nice puddin’s on the web and I’ve even heard there are cats that play with dogs! Wouldn’t that be nifty?

I guess I’ll tell them that as long as they try to find a nice kitty who might like me it’s okay with me.

Posted by: China | August 10, 2007

Roll, Roll…Roll in ze Hay!

Seems like I can’t make one single mistake.

A few months ago, right after Mom had given me a bath and a few minutes before we were going to take a long car ride up to Grammy & Grampy’s camp, I found something that smelled wonderful! It smelled so good, I had to roll in it.

Apparently, Mum and Daddy didn’t think it smelled so great because they did something horrible! They took out the green snake from it’s cave (translation: garden hose from the basement) and hosed me down! Can you believe the indignity! Right out there in public and everything. Couldn’t even take me inside to spray me down with warm water.

Well, since then, I’ve pretty much learned not to roll in stuff that smells good. I just roll around in the grass and the hay in the field so’s I can scratch my back and just because it’s fun.

But now, everytime I flop down to roll around, I get called back to Mum and Dad. Seems they think that everytime I’m rolling around it must be in that nifty smelling stuff. (I have since been told it was Turkey poop. I don’t care if it was poop – I liked it!)

But I’m not! I’m just rolling around in the hay!

Geez, you make one little mistake….

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