About Me (China)

BREED: Mutt; possibly a Boxer/Sharpei/AmStaff mix.

SEX: Female; spayed (in other words, not anymore. Har-dee-har)

FUR: Red with white on my neck, chest and one back toe

EYES: Brown and Buggy

ADOPTION DATE: December 7, 2002 – This is the date Mom and Dad call my ‘birthday’ so be sure to send cards and biscuits!

AGE: I’m not telling…mainly because I have no idea. The shelter workers think I was about 2 or 3 when I was adopted.

FAVORITE TOY: Anything that squeaks, especially stuffies. (That’s a stuffed animal to all you non-dog types out there.) I don’t really like chew-bones and will only chew on soft toys or plastic squeak toys. I’m kinda particular that way.

ENGLISH I HAVE LEARNED: Treat; Park; Walk; Wanna Go?; Sit; Down; No; Go Lay Down; This Way; Other Side – Everything else is translated for me.

TEMPERMENT & OTHER FUN TIDBITS: I’m a pretty easy-going dog and I usually adjust quickly to new situations. My only real ‘quirk’ is that I’m afraid of loud popping or snapping sounds. If I’m not expecting it, sometimes those noises scare me so bad I’ll lay down on my belly.

I’m not an aggressive dog – I love most everyone – but I’ll sometimes show my teeth to other dogs if they become too aggressive to me or become aggressive toward my humans.

I don’t like to be the ‘alpha’ dog – in fact, one day at the dog park, me and this fun Boxer had an argument – YOU be the alpha dog, no YOU be the alpha dog.

I like cats, but the one that lives with me – Audrey is what they call her (that and Puddin’) – just won’t talk to me. All she does is hiss, spit and smack me with her paw. That’s kind of fun though, ’cause she doesn’t have any claws like me and it actually feels kind of good and soft. (Note: Hissy Kitty -that’s what I always called her – has passed away. I really do miss that soft smack of hers.)

I REALLY like ducks, but Mom and Dad won’t let me close enough to find out if they’ll play with me. All I want to do is chew on their necks!

Oh, and I really like carpet. Back at the shelter I had to sit on concrete all day, so now I do my best never to sit on anything but carpet. When they tell me to ‘sit’ I’ll back up to the carpet before I’ll plop my delicate butt on tile.

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