Posted by: China | February 10, 2008

Send out all your positive vibes

We just heard some terrible news. Bean the Pit was stolen from her parent’s car today! She has been seen wandering around the same neighborhood dragging her leash so it looks like either she escaped the scum who took her or they let her go on their own.

Please send out good vibes, pray, or whatever it is you do for lost doggies. It’s terrible when any dog is lost but when they’re a pit it gets even scarier.



  1. Hi China .. just discovered your blog and I like it a lot. I’m putting out good, hopeful vibes for Bean’s safe return. I see you’re part Boxer; I’m totally Boxer but sometimes I think I’m part human! Nice to know you and hope you visit me at my blog too. Boxerhuggies from Chef . xox


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