Posted by: Zoe | October 24, 2007

Cat Seeking Advice

Hey. It’s me. Whazzup?

So, can any of you cats help me out here? Apparently, I don’t behave very well. I try, but I’m not doing so good.

I’m still pretty young so I want to play all the time. Sometimes, the humans will be petting me and all of a sudden – I’s just gots ta play! So I put the bitey on their hand, and I get yelled at and they won’t pet me or play with me for a while.

And sometimes, in the middle of the night, I get lonely so I jump on the humans’ heads. They yell at me and I run away.

I keep trying to make friends with China, but she’s just scared of me most of the time. When I play ‘ambush the pooch’ she really doesn’t like it – but it’s what I’m best at! Aren’t I supposed to play to my strengths? Huh? Aren’t I?

And I have one BIG weakness. If I see a dead flower – like dried wedding bouquets and stuff like that – I just have to eat it. I just have to. There’s nothing I can do about it. I knocked over that real fancy bunch of dead flowers three times and boy, did I get yelled at. The female human finally put them way up high. I could probably still get it, but there are closer bunches of dead stuff for me to try to get at. They won’t put them away because they’re trying to ‘train’ me not to eat them. I don’t know how much chance they have of that.

Some good news, though. I might get to go on a road trip. I’ve only been on a few car rides, but I’m okay with ’em. I just lounge in my crate and snooze or look out the bars. I don’t think China’s too keen to take me along but tough noogins! I don’t wanna be left behind.

…wait. That means the dead flowers will be unguarded. Hmmm, maybe I DO want to be left behind. Good thing it’s not my decision. That way, it’s their fault if I’m evil and eat ALL those dead flowers. Hee hee. This kitty’s gonna have some fun this week!


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