Posted by: China | October 22, 2007

Update on the Red Dog

Hello! It’s me, China. The red pooch. You know, the one who hasn’t posted in over a month.

Zoe in her evil cubeNo, Zoë hasn’t murdered us all in our sleep, but she has taken to trying to ambush me when I walk past her house. It’s really this play cube Daddy got her, but she likes to hide in it until someone walks by.

I hate that cube.

I’ve tried to play with her a few times but I’m more often afraid of her and her claws. She bites too. Eek!

DoomedSpeaking of ‘eek’ there’s lots of gourds hanging around our house lately. I’m not so afraid of them anymore because I’ve seen Mom kill a few and then cook them. She takes a big knife and stabs them right in the head! Then she chops them up, boils them, beats them up some more until they’re just mush and then – this is great – puts them in a pie and puts ’em in the really hot thing that smells good! Hee hee. That’ll show them for making faces at me. So far, none have any faces and I want to keep it that way. I keep telling them if they do, I’ll have Mom get out her big knife and make them into pies.

They don’t know they’re all gonna be pies even if they do make faces, but I’m not gonna tell them that. Aren’t I a smart pooch?

Farmhouse in the FallIt’s fall here in the ‘cold place.’ Huh. Cold place my sweet patootie. Today it’s summer temperatures which is weird. All the trees are fall colors but it’s really warm out. Mom says it’s good for the heating bill, but it makes her angry. She moved up here for seasons. She doesn’t want the entire planet to turn into the hot place.

Sparkles on the WaterMom’s vacation starts this Thursday. We’re going up to Grammy and Grampy’s cabin up north. Sometimes I don’t like it up there but sometimes I do. I’d like it lots better if Grammy and Grampy were there when we were, but they hardly ever are.

I hope I like it this time. Mom needs to relax. She hasn’t had a vacation in three years! She’s had a few long weekends but no real vacations. She says she’s going to relax for a week and a half and do whatever she wants, or, not do whatever she doesn’t.

I hope that doesn’t include filling my food bowl.

Evil KittyOh my dog. I just heard Mom say that Zoë might be going with us to the camp. They don’t want to leave her alone – they’re afraid they’ll come back to nothing but a big gaping hole in the ground instead of a house.

This makes me nervous. Knowing her, she’ll do one of two things: 1) Explore every nook and cranny of the place and we’ll never see her except when she eats or 2)Explore every nook and cranny, making sure she knocks everything over so that Mom and Dad yell at her until she runs, laughing. (They can’t hear her laughing, but I can.)

Either way, this might not be the greatest vacation for me. 😛

I probably won’t post again until we’re back from up north so, have a good weekend everybody! Oh, and Mom said that some of the pictures in this post are clickable – to make them bigger. Toodles!

China in the Fall


  1. We’re happy that Zoe is ‘playing’ with you.


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