Posted by: China | September 3, 2007


Most summers we all take a lot of day trips around the cold place to battle the cabin fever.  This past summer we haven’t gone much of anywhere. In fact, the only places I’ve been this summer are Grammy and Grampy’s, Aunty Wendy’s and a few car rides around town.

Yesterday, we finally took a long car ride to a new place with all sorts of new smells – at least 13. We went to a place called A-cay-di-uh park. First, we had to go over this nifty bridge. (click on any of the pictures to seen ’em bigger.)


Mom doesn’t like bridges much, even if they’re brand new like this one.

When we got to Acadia (Mom told me how to really spell it) there were lots and lots of people. We saw some dogs, too, but not as many as you would expect with all those people. Of course, a lot of those people were talking in languages I didn’t understand at all (I only know a little bit of English – the rest is translated for me) so I think they may have not been from around here and had to leave their pooches at home. Too bad. The ones I did see were very nice pooches.

We drove around and looked at all the sites. All those trees I didn’t get to mark. *sigh* Oh well. Hopefully we’ll go back someday soon. Mom says she’d like to when there aren’t so many people. Sometimes she has too little patience and just can’t be around a lot of people. I don’t know why. I loves peoples. Even the kiddies who wanted to pet me were way nice to me.

This was one of Mom’s favorite spots on Mt. Desert Island (which is where Acadia Park is – and it’s pronounced Dessert. Yummy.)


It’s a natural Seawall. Just looked like a big pile of rocks to me, but I was mad because I wasn’t allowed to go out on it. Hmph. Who wants to look at a big pile of rocks anyway?


We went on a long hike out to the beach and after that, we were all pretty tired and went home. Since today is a holiday, here’s how I’m spending the rest of my Labor Day.


Have a happy holiday, everyone!

Oh, and Zoe says she’s going to blog soon but she needs a day or so to crash. She’s been on a catnip high for a few days and has been acting all cuh-razy. At least, I hope it’s the catnip. If she’s like this all the time, this house is going to be like Steve Martin used to be – wild and crazy!


  1. Zoe seems nise an it luks lyk yoo hadded fun on yur trip. that water luks very gud.

  2. What pretty pictures, China! I haven’t visited your blog in a while and was sad to learn that Audrey passed away. It’s nice that Zoe has come into your life and likes to head bump you. I wish you, Zoe, and your Mom and Dad well.

  3. Great pictures. I love the picture of the waves hitting the rocks.

  4. Beautiful bloggie!

    Bussie Kissies

  5. wom yoyo ,


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