Posted by: China | August 26, 2007

It’s been a week and a day

Zoe’s been here a whole week now. Mom and Dad say she’s fitting in faster than they expected and she’s already acting like she owns the place. And since she’s a cat…I guess she does.

She knows her name now and is starting to come when she’s called every once in a while. She’s still being stubborn about jumping on the kitchen island. I told her that Mom was never going to give in to her about that, but she just told me to keep watching and that she’ll break her down.

It’s nice having a kitty who doesn’t mind me being around. She had tried to play with me a few times, but I still find that so confusing that it scares me a little. That and she has claws. HK didn’t have front claws so I knew her swipes couldn’t hurt me. Even if she doesn’t mean to, Zoe could hurt my little nose. Okay, my big nose.

She says she might start posting to the blog soon and that I won’t have to do it for her. She’s more of a ‘paws on’ kitty.

As long as she keeps the claws in side the paws, that’s fine with me!

-Woof! (China)


  1. We’re so glad to hear you are getting along

  2. We tagged you China and Zoe!


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