Posted by: China | August 20, 2007

Too Quiet

100_2897.jpgThis kitty is too quiet.

You always knew where Hissy Kitty was.  If she was in the room, she would either be trying to get in Mom and Dad’s lap, or she would sit on the floor and ‘talk’ to them. (I don’t think they knew what she was saying or they wouldn’t have kept talking to her. But I’ll always keep her secret.)

But Zoe – she hasn’t made a sound since she got here, and she’s really quiet when she walks around the house. She doesn’t go ‘ka-thunk ka-thunk ka-thunk’ when she comes down the stairs (which isn’t very often, *pout*) and she still hasn’t meowed. Not once.

Mom and Dad say she’s purred a couple of times, but it’s really, really hard to hear. I guess there won’t be any late-night caterwauling for Zoe. Unless she lets loose when she feels comfortable around here.

For now, she has a bell on her collar so they’ll know where she is. Of course, she moves so careful, you can only hear the bell when she jumps off the bed or is shaking her head.

I think this kitty could give me the spooks.


  1. Give her time honey, she needs to get used to you.

  2. But…but…she’s been here 2 whole days! That’s like a week in dog time! Wonder what it is in cat time?

  3. It’s 50 sleeps… I may take until she has been there 5,000 sleeps.


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