Posted by: China | August 17, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

837907_eyes_cat.jpgMom and Dad asked me an important question tonight and I’m still pondering.

They asked me if I wanted to adopt a new kitty. They’re still missing HK something terrible but feel ready to give a new kitty a good home.

I’m of mixed feelings. I loved HK, sure, but…will the new kitty be nice to me? I don’t mind if the kitty wants to be the princess (or prince) but I don’t want it to smack me around and take over my couch space, you know? And I’m not the assertive type. If the kitty took my couch space, I probably wouldn’t do much about it.

But the kitty might be nice. I’ve met lots of nice puddin’s on the web and I’ve even heard there are cats that play with dogs! Wouldn’t that be nifty?

I guess I’ll tell them that as long as they try to find a nice kitty who might like me it’s okay with me.


  1. Hi China
    I didn’t paint myself all over, the lady in the movie sluffocated,cause hew skin coudn’t bweathe..I left lots of bweathing space, so I’m OK..I had a gweat time.
    I hope if you get a kitty , it’s a super nice one..I heawd that if you get a baby one, it can weally be good fwiends with doggies..that would be gweat
    smoochie kisses

  2. We think you should go with Mom and Dad to pick out a new fluffy! Or we could just send you Sophia.
    ~Fiona Bun


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