Posted by: China | August 10, 2007

Roll, Roll…Roll in ze Hay!

Seems like I can’t make one single mistake.

A few months ago, right after Mom had given me a bath and a few minutes before we were going to take a long car ride up to Grammy & Grampy’s camp, I found something that smelled wonderful! It smelled so good, I had to roll in it.

Apparently, Mum and Daddy didn’t think it smelled so great because they did something horrible! They took out the green snake from it’s cave (translation: garden hose from the basement) and hosed me down! Can you believe the indignity! Right out there in public and everything. Couldn’t even take me inside to spray me down with warm water.

Well, since then, I’ve pretty much learned not to roll in stuff that smells good. I just roll around in the grass and the hay in the field so’s I can scratch my back and just because it’s fun.

But now, everytime I flop down to roll around, I get called back to Mum and Dad. Seems they think that everytime I’m rolling around it must be in that nifty smelling stuff. (I have since been told it was Turkey poop. I don’t care if it was poop – I liked it!)

But I’m not! I’m just rolling around in the hay!

Geez, you make one little mistake….


  1. Our sister, Shadow (who went to the Bridge), used to do that and then she’d have to get a bath. Neither she nor Momma was very happy about that. That hose thing sounds pretty awful.

    Earl Grey and I were wondering if you wanted to be our Not of My Species Special Friend (from the challenge at The Cat Realm). We don’t know any other dawgs besides our bro, Titus, and we think you’re pretty cool. What do you think?


  2. Tazo, I’d love to be your Not-of-My-Species friend! I like to be everybody’s friend! You can ask other cats about me – I never chase them or bite their tails. Sometimes I slurp their faces and they don’t like it, but I’m just trying to be nice, I promise. 🙂

  3. Hi Chin
    Thank you fow visiting me, can you leave your pictuwe in my guestbook pleez?
    evewydoggie i know likes to woll in intewesting smelling stuff..I don’t get to though cause I live in the city..but I have wolled on gwass and it feels gweat!
    my pooter wouldn’t let me see any pictuwes of you,xept the one on top..I think you look gweat and would love to see and heaw mowe of you.
    Is it OK if I link you on my bloggie?
    smoochie kisses


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