Posted by: China | June 28, 2007


We knew it was coming, we just had hoped it would take longer to get here.

Two days ago we noticed that one of Audrey’s tumors had begun to get infected. Yesterday she stopped eating (a very bad sign – eating was one of Audrey’s passions) and last night she started to become physically ill. We let her go at noon today.

We’re taking this harder than I even expected so China’s blog may be even more silent than usual for a while.

Thank all of you who helped fund her surgery last winter. It let us have her for half a year longer than if she hadn’t had it done and for that, we are very grateful. A special thank you goes out to DKM for her thoughtfulness. Audrey honestly loved that blanket and slept on it until her last day with us.

She lived a good, long life – 15 years – but it wouldn’t have seemed long enough if she had lived for thirty. I’ll miss her every day until I die.

So long, my Hissy Kitty. We love you. – Mom, Dad & China (aka ‘That Dog’)


  1. Oh, we are so sorry. You are in our thoughts.

    Sophia, Fiona Bun, Orlando Bun and DKM

  2. Sweet Audrey just recieved her wings in heaven..into the lap of an angel, from who’s she first came to earth, she softly sits and looks all around. The cats who have gone before all purrrr in welcome tones. The circle is complete…we have them only for such a precious little while.
    My mommy bean has a rubberstamp that says;
    No Heaven will not ever Heaven be,
    If my Cat is not there to Welcome me…
    So sorry for your loss…Purrrs Miss Peach

  3. I’m so sorry! I was just reading about the auction of the blanket on the cat blogosphere, and came over to say Hi. Now it looks like I’m saying goodbye.

    Thoughts and purrs are with you.

    Tara and Mom

  4. We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time.
    Samantha, Tigger and Mom

  5. I am so sorry. Losing a furry friend is always a shock, even when we know it is coming. Her pain is over, though your heart will miss her forever. You will see her again at the Bridge.

  6. We’re so sorry. My mommy agrees with you. Beans never have us long enough. We’re sorry for your loss and hope that you can take comfort in happy memories. You loved her so much and she knew it.

  7. How sweet to be able to love our Kitty Family as long as we have, but indeed it is never enough. Our hearts are with you. We are sending purrs and our tears and prayers.

    Rest Sweet Audrey.

  8. We just read about Audrey on the Cat Blogosphere. We are so sorry for your loss! She obviously had a good life with all the love and care a cat could hope for. Best wishes,
    Bonnie Underfoot (another Hissy Kitty), Victor Tabbycat, and their Mom.

  9. Audrey was one of the first cats we knew when we joined the CB, and Beau always felt close to Audrey. He loved her catitude and style. We counted you as friends although we never commented much.
    Audrey will be deeply missed and our thoughts ad prayers are with you. Godspeed!

  10. I found out about Audrey through Miss Peach’s blog. I am so sorry. My heart is with you at this sad time. I didn’t know Audrey, but she sounds like a sweet and purr-ecious kittygirl, and she was obviously deeply loved.

    Gentle purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  11. Love and hugs to Audrey’s family.

  12. We are very sorry that Audrey had to go to the Bridge. We are sending you purrrrs and hugs.

  13. So sorry for your loss. I was just looking at Audrey’s picture on DK’s post at the Cat Blogosphere yesterday. Rest in peace Audrey. Your family will be in my thoughts and purrayers.

  14. We’re so sorry for your loss. Prayers and hugs and purrs to all of you.

    The Furry Kids and their Mom

  15. I’m really sad to hear about Audrey 😦 A half a year longer is a good thing at least and she looks like she had a good half a year longer, she looks pretty comfortable in those pictures with the blanket 🙂

    RIP Audrey….she’s at the Rainbow Bridge now, probably relaxing and eating her favorite food! (yeah, I believe in kitty heavan!)

  16. Love and hugs to you. We are so sorry for your loss.

  17. Such sad news never comes at a good time. Audrey was one cool cat. We always enjoyed reading about her thoughts on life and “that dog”. I’m sure you are all very sad about her not being around but remember the good times you had with her. She surely will be missed.

  18. It is always hard no matter how long, no matter how much we really know it is time. We are sure you have a huge hole in your hearts.
    Please know that we are praying for you. Audrey had a very wonderful life and now she is sleeping peacefully, but she knew true love.

    <3 (((healinghugs)))

  19. We hope you all are doing ok. It’s really hard to lose a furbaby. (((hugs))) and purrs.

    I nominated China the dawg for Rockin’ Blogger Girl. The details are sort of (because we don’t really know what this entails other than putting a banner on our bloggie) on our bloggie if you’re feeling up for it.


    PS – China is the first dawg to be nominated that we know of.

  20. Just checking in to see how you are. We hope you are feeling better, but take your time and feel how you feel. We’re thinking of you.


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