Posted by: China | May 19, 2007

Catching up with HK

Hello to all my fans! Yes, I’ve been quiet. I’ve been too lazy to even try to blog and that dog hasn’t been much of a help to me lately. I think she’s jealous of all the food I’ve been getting to eat lately and well, because she isn’t a cat herself. Being a cat is the best thing ever. If reincarnation is real, all you humans pray that you someday get to come back as a pampered cat. We have it the best.

Since Diva Kitty (what a great name) has been showing off her whiskers lately (Face, Ear and Elbow) I thought I’d show all of you my lovely whiskers. Despite what anyone else will tell you, my face has always been this white. Yes, that’s the ticket. I’m not looking old. Not at all.

Oh. That dog wants to talk now. I guess I should let her since this blog is named after her and all. But she better remember it’s still ME who’s in charge around here. Pfft!

Hello everyone! It’s me, China! I just wanted to give a shout out to Bean and tell her that I’m glad she’s feeling better. She and her parents had a really rough time when she first came home from surgery. Having the bad poopies is awful. It’s only happened to me twice, but never for that long. It was bad enough just those two times!

And here, Bean. This might make you feel better. It’s not just you who has to wear the dreaded cone. Even Hissy Kitty had to wear it a while back!

AAAAAH! How DARE you, you dog! I thought I had burned all of those! Oh, how humiliating…..


  1. Fabulous whiskers Honey!

  2. Thanks China!

    I didn’t know cats had to wear the cones too. That DOES make me feel better!



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