Posted by: China | April 13, 2007

Time to help out a friend…

It’s help out or fellow dog day, here on the China Cabinet.

A fellow blogger pal o’ mine is in need of knee surgery that’s gonna cost a whopping $1500 bucks – I think that’s 3000 in dog biscuits – which makes Hissy Kitty’s surgery sound cheap! Bean the Pit’s parents are having a rough time like mine and I know how hard it is for them to need to fix their Bean but not know how they’re going manage it.

Bean’s parents have set up a ‘replace Bean’s knee’ fund and my mom just made a donation to help out. If you can, please visit Bean’s blog and read about her problem and give a little to help out. If you can’t help out financially but you have a blog or web board or anything, spread the word.

Bean is one of those Pit Bull’s that are a great example of what a great breed this really is. I was so mad when I read about the locksmith not wanting to unlock the car because of Bean being in there. I bet you if a vicious poodle was in there, yapping and snarling, he would have unlocked it. Humans can be so dumb sometimes!

But I digress. Go check out Bean’s blog. You’ll see lots of great pictures of a beautiful Pitty and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her just like everyone else who takes the time to get to know her.

Vicious pit bull, my patootie.


  1. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts ~DKM

  2. Wow! Thanks China for helping me and for spreading the word about my surgery. I can’t believe that locksmith wouldn’t let me out either! I was just sitting there being a good girl! I don’t understand why people don’t like me even when they don’t know me. It makes me sad.

    But I am really happy to have such nice friends like you in the internets.



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