Posted by: China | April 3, 2007

What we’ve been doing

HOWDY!!!Long time no see, huh? Yeah, we’ve been pretty quiet for a while. I can’t promise that’s going to change all that much, but I’ll do my poochy best to post more.

Daddy’s feeling better – that nasty kidney is gone – but he’s had some back problems. That’s starting to get better now, too.

Hissy Kitty is still doing good. Mostly, she does her cat things – eat, sleep, go into that little box a few times a day, sleep, eat some more, sleep some more. You know – cat stuff.

As for me, I’ve been having to entertain myself a lot lately. Daddy hasn’t felt well and Mom’s been awful tired. She’s still learning the ropes in her job and sometimes feels like she’s never going to know what she’s doing completely, but they haven’t kicked her out of the department yet so that’s good, right?!A few months ago we got the new Lassie movie (which was really, really good, by the way. Cal’s uncle was great!!!) Daddy got a review copy and they sent me a stuffed Lassie at the same time! I had to check and see if the rumors were true about…well, you know. Check out the picture and you’ll know what I’m talkin’ ’bout:

This Lassie had a good operation – I couldn’t tell it was an uncle at all!!!!It’s starting to get warm up here in the cold place. This past week all that snow we got last month finally melted. There were just a few patches of snow left from where the now went up way past the windows, but those were just little piles.

And then, we woke up this morning and got this!

It’s pretty and all, and it was only a few inches, but Mom’s getting grumpy about planting her garden. She’s talking about starting inside early. She wants to give the punkins more time to get bigger. And yesterday, she saw that her Grammy’s iris had already started sprouting!

But we all know that before too long, we’ll be wishing for the cold days again. Last summer was okay, but the summer before we were way too hot. No AC and it got so muggy. Hopefully we’ll have another summer like last one. I’ll keep my paws crossed.In the meantime, HK will keep warm the ways she knows – hogging the heat vent all to herself.


  1. Sweet Sweater China!

  2. Hoppy Easter Everyone!


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