Posted by: China | December 18, 2006

Update: The Woes of a Princess

It has been less than two weeks, but I feel like it’s been an eternity. When, oh when will they take this cone off my head?

Oh. This Wednesday? Well – THAT’S STILL NOT SOON ENOUGH!

They tried to tell me I looked like a Queen with this ‘Elizabethan’ collar, but if looking like a queen means you have to go through life banging your head on furniture and running into doors and not being able to eat off the floor, I think I’ll just remain a princess. As long as That Dog remembers that she is just a lowly surf, things will run just fine.

I will have pictures up of my surgery site and of me in my cone head collar, but Mom has been so busy taking care of me, Daddy and getting ready for Christmas that she hasn’t had time to hook the camera up to the computer. Sure, you say, but she has time to help The Princess post a blog? But you see, she’s not on her computer. She’s on her work computer (from home) and she’s just taking a few minutes to help me post.

Mom and Dad say that my surgery was my Christmas present, but I just told them they could have kept that. Oh, I know. It’s a good thing and it will mean that you will all get to bask in my presence just that much longer. But getting your chest cut open and having to wear ugly plastic collars just doesn’t seem like much of a ‘gift.’ I’ve been hearing whispers about Tuna and Turkey and that sounds just peachy to me.

Well, I must go. Mom needs the computer back and I need to get back to my job – taking naps and hissing at That Dog.

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for thinking of me!

-Audrey (The Princess of all Hissy Kitties)


  1. Feel better soon!

  2. Glad you’re doing so well. Look forward to hearing the collar’s off!


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