Posted by: China | December 2, 2006

From the diva…

I must say, I’m feeling rather special right now. Of course, I am special.

I admit that I was a little worried at first when I found out my new bump wasn’t as wonderful as the rest of me but I should have known that my sparkling personality would inspire generosity from all of my adoring fans. I thank all of you for thinking of me and helping me out in my hour of need.

The date has been set – this coming Thursday I shall go under the knife. I deny that any of this surgery is cosmetic because, quite frankly, I don’t need it. Yes, I suppose it’s technically a ‘boob job’ but it’s not by choice, I promise you.

My faithful servants will keep you posted on my condition. I’m sure I’ll pull through beautifully.

…I rarely do anything any other way.



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