Posted by: China | October 22, 2006

Ew! Ew! Ew!

Normally, Mutts is one of my favorite comic strips, but today’s was just way too scary! Look at all those nasty gourds!

hee hee hee. You go, Mooch.


  1. Oh my… poor China

  2. Hoppy Halloween!

  3. wow! you have a sneak preview of the movie! I am jealous because they didn’t even show it in the theaters in this state unless you count the Bemidji screening because the breeder and family lives there with Uncle Mason.

    Let me know if its good, cause Mason emailed his old family and said he was fed up with acting and was not interested in it anymore.

    Anyway, let me know.

    Thanks China!

    Oh and you too Audrey. (Boooooo!!)



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