Posted by: China | October 15, 2006

Dog Movie Alert!

Hello my poochy friends – and all friends of poochies. I don’t normally do movie reviews but I saw one last night that I just knew I had to make all my dog friends aware of.

Mom and Dad watch horror movies every night in this month. Something to do with why those nasty gourds are around and their wedding anniversary. Anyways, last night they watched a movie even I could enjoy.

It’s called ‘Bad Moon’ and the hero of the movie is a handsome stud of a dog named Thor. I tell ya, if Thor hadn’t been around in this movie, it would have been over in 5 minutes. He protects his family from a nasty werewolf, even though the nasty werewolf is someone he used to love.

Be warned though – there’s a ‘pound taking away the mad dog’ scene that makes my mommy cry, but Thor is resilient and has a very loyal boy to help him get the job done.

Go rent it or buy it or whatever. It’s a good one!

Oh, Mom said I should warn you that it is a horror movie and there is some gore, lots of werewolfy violence and a little bit of nudity at the beginning but it’s not all that exploitive. (Another word Mom looked up for me.)

And here’s a picture of the handsome stud himself. I tell ya, he could give Duke a run for his money:


  1. China,

    Cooools movin’ picture review. So…one two one two (two) paws up?

    I want to do that too but I’m usually too tired after I’ve read the film to Mom and Dad. They insist on watchin’ films with writin’ on them. But it is kinda coools. I’ve heard dogs bark in Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese and Irish, to bark a few. The Kurdish and Farsi barkin’ is neato.

    Scary movin’ pictures. That’s sounds too scary to me. A long as the animals are okay, I don’t mind.


  2. thanks for the recommendation! I will tell the folk so we can cuddel up this friday.

  3. China…i think you shoudl be the new dog movie siskel and egbert….you are very handsome…i will stop by again…

  4. MJ,

    Thanks. Maybe I will start doing doggie movie reviews.

    And thanks for the compliment, but I’m a girl. 🙂 That picture of the handsome stud of a german shepherd was the star of that movie.



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