Posted by: China | September 30, 2006

A nice walk to start the day

Today is Saturday and something really weird happened. Mom got up before 10:00! She had her camera and my leash so I knew what that meant! It was time for some posing!

But, she was more interested in taking pictures of things other than me! The nerve. I mean, really. What’s so special about this?

It’s just a wet spider! Mom said it was beautiful and stopped to take a picture.And then there was this:

There are plenty of leaves, Mom! There’s only one me.I guess she finally realized I was right and started documenting my adventure. Here I am, leading the way through the jungle, sniffing for dangerous critters like field mice, bunnies, squirrels and my mortal enemy, Nasty Chipmunks

Once we were through the jungle, we turned back and went home. Here I am, protecting the field and the homestead from those vile Chipmunks.

Hope all you pooches are keeping your places safe from Chipmunks and other nasties. Talk to you later!-Woof! (China)


  1. Hey China,

    They are some really nice pics ! You are just like Charlie – he loves exploring in the garden too 🙂


  2. Wow you have some job there!

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Hey China,

    Your mom sure knows how to use her spy camera. Glad she corrected her misguided ways and began chronuclin’ YOUR adventures. Did she learn how to take such pretty pics from you?

    I try to keep those nasty voles away from our place. We could make a cooools team of varmint hunters.

    Good huntin’.



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