Posted by: China | September 24, 2006

Alert! Alert!

Any regular reader of my blog knows how I feel about gourds. And any dog knows that the best place in any house is the kitchen.

So, what do you do when you walk into the kitchen, hoping for some cheesy goodness, and see THIS on the table?!!?

I am NOT happy about this! Sure, they look harmless now, but you just wait. They’re gonna start making nasty faces at me anytime now. I’m sure it’ll start happening when they turn the same color all over. Mom says that sitting in the sun will make this happen faster.

So, you know what that silly woman is doing? She’s putting them in the sun every day so they’ll get all the same color! I keep trying to tell her not to – maybe they’ll stay like this, but noooo. She WANTS to to make them all the same color. I guess she LIKES it when gourds try to scare me. She can be so mean sometimes.

She promised me that not all of them gourds are staying here and that a lot of them have been promised to other people. I hope she’s telling the truth. I can promise you that I’m telling the truth when I say that I won’t be visiting any of those people who take these evil things away. Those gourds will remember me and make even nastier faces at me.

Oh, the horror.


  1. You-mans! You can’t live with em and you can’t live without em!

    Bussie Kissies


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