Posted by: China | August 26, 2006

Looky looky looky!

I got my first ever award! Timothy Dickens and his momma like my site so much they gave me a medal! You can see it over there on the left hand side of the page. Or is that right? I’m not that good with right and left – I am just a dog, you know!

Thanks to Timmy and his mom for thinking I have a nifty site. Mom deserves most of the kudos but it was my idea to let that Hissy Kitty post when she wants to. (And lately, she’s been telling me she’s too busy, but all I see her doing is sleeping!).

 I have not put this medal in the sidebar because it was awarded for China’s last blog, not this one. I thought it would be a little dishonest to post it for this one. – China’s mum


  1. Wow, what an awesome medal!!! Is he related to Charles Dickens?

    And, you have to give creds to the kitty though as she is an integral part of your site now, not that I’m accepting that or anything, but sometimes she can be kind of funny. In a cat kind of way . . .


  2. This blog was nothing until I started posting.


  3. Hey China,

    Congrats on the medal ! and Welcome to – we are very pleased to have you as part of our little community 🙂 I am sure you will make lots of friends here – we really are a great bunch of doggies 🙂


  4. Hi China
    Nice meetin’ you!
    Congrats on the award. See ya around!

  5. Wow! A medal! Woof woof!

    Bussie Kissies

  6. Congrats on the award.Job well done!!nice reads,

    Lot’s of Lick’s


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