Posted by: China | August 25, 2006

But I want it!!!!

Dad was surfing on e-bay last night, proabably trying to find more Godzilla movies on laser disc or something (he never looks for anything interesting like stuffies or cheese biscuits). He didn’t find a Godzilla movie but he did find….DUKE!!!!!

No, not the real Duke (and Mom says there isn’t a read Duke – I still don’t believe her) but one of those nifty toys. I asked if I could have it, but apparently he was a bit too expensive. But check out these pictures! Isn’t he dreamy?

Duke, if you’re out there, let me know where you are! Maybe we could exchange emails or somethin’.


  1. Duke knows how to fight the energy crisis?!?! I tell ya, if I had the money, I’d totally buy him for you China…but I don’t really know how many of those green papers I’d need to get him.

  2. Last time Momma checked, the bidding was up to $17 dollars – and the shipping cost $23!

    My Duke is very popular! *grin*



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