Posted by: China | June 16, 2006

Hello my puddin’ friends! It has been a long time …

Hello my puddin’ friends! It has been a long time since you saw my be-a-utiful face here on this blog. Sorry that you’ve had to put up with ‘that dog’s’ ugly mug for so long. You should feel lucky – I have to look at it everyday and no matter how much I hiss, beg, smack and growl, that dog still hangs around.

Hey! That’s not very nice! I never say bad things about you, you old mean thing. Oops, I guess that wasn’t very nice, but you are mean sometimes!

Butt out, mutt, can’t you see I’m postin’ here?

Okay, so maybe I’m too hard on ‘that dog’ sometimes, but geez, it’s my job to be mean to the dog, right? I’m a Princess. I’m not one of those do-gooder Princesses, like Xena. I’m one of those ‘do what I say’ Princesses – you know, the cool ones. Besides, if I were nice to that dog it might make her go into shock and while I would like to have the house all to myself again, I don’t want her dead.

So, where was I? Oh yes. My blog post to update all my puddin’ friends of what I’ve been up to. Well, let’s see: Eating, sleeping, hissing, eating some more, sleeping some more, visiting the *ahem* facilities, eating, sleeping. Yep, that about covers it.

It’s good to be tha Princess.


  1. Hey Audrey and China,

    I sense a little rivalry there. I guess that is good. It keeps one on their toes.

    Hmmmm… Trade barkin’ for hissin’ and it appears cats and dogs do about the same things. Please tell me I’m wrong!




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