Posted by: China | June 11, 2006

My Memorial Day Weekend…Yeah, I know, that was weeks ago, but still…

Howdy fellow animal bloggers (and any of you humans who happen to drop by now and then). I know, my posting has been terrible this year. Mom has been so busy (the garden is now planted, yay!) that she’s just now getting around to helping me blog about Memorial Day.

We went up to Grammy and Grampy’s camp and stayed there. Mom took lots of pictures, so here we go:

First, Mom gave me a bath and got me all decked out for the trip. I hated the bath, but if that’s what it takes to get to go for a long car ride, I guess it’s worth the pain and suffering.

After about 3 hours, we got to Greenville and take a look at that big bath! Next to the ocean, this is the biggest bath I’ve ever seen. Mom says it’s called ‘Moosehead Lake’ but the only Moose I saw was the one on the side of the road munching on some plants. Mom wasn’t quick enough with the camera though. (And for those who are counting, that’s my second moose sighting ever!)

The view from the back of the cabin is very pretty. We have our own mountain. Well, I suppose we have to share it with anyone else who can see it and since I wasn’t able to go mark it I can’t really say it was mine. But still, it’s there so I’m gonna claim it.

First Priority: Check out the surroundings and sniff as much stuff as I possibly can. Mom made me stay on the leash all weekend, but I still got to sniff lots of stuff. If only the black flies hadn’t been so bad, I would’ve got to stay out even more.

There were several hummy birds flying around the back deck, and I tried to keep a watch on them, but I couldn’t keep up.

They sounded like really big bees!

Saturday afternoon we took a drive around Greenville and did some sight-seeing. See the pretty mountain? I couldn’t get over to that one to mark it either.

But the best time to be had was relaxin’ at the camp, snoozin’ in the sun and posing for my new portrait.

I hope to post more often so be sure to check back. My next post will be about Mom’s garden and how fast the field is growing. Bunnies will want to take special note that there will be pictures of big fields of grass in my next post. Biiiiig fields of grass, clover and all sorts of yummy stuff I know you fluffies like.

Until then,
Woof! (China)


  1. Hey China,

    I’ve been lax in my postin’ too. Sooo busy!

    Wow! Greenville and your mountain sure are pretty. And that big Moosehead water. Bet you had fun markin’ what you could. Is your Moosehead the same as Willie’s Moosehead at I haven’t heard from Willie for a long long time. Wonder if you saw him there, IF it’s the same Moosehead.

    A moose and a hummer in the same trip. We have lots of hummers here but no meese. When Mom and Dad lived way up in Alaska, they saw lots of meese.

    Your portrait looks great. Sooo dignified.

    Did Audrey go with you?



  2. Freda,

    Yep, it’s the same Moosehead as Willie’s, but I didn’t see any other dogs on this trip. Just birds and black flies.



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