Posted by: China | May 8, 2006

More dirt I can’t dig in!

Hello! It’s me, China!

What? You don’t remember me? I know it’s been a long time, but come on now! I’m the red one, with the big bug eyes. Did I say that I’m red? Remember me now? I have a hissy kitty named Hissy Kitty, I mean, Audrey.

I hope you remember me now. Mom apologizes for not posting for me more often but it’s been a rough Spring for her and Dad. She’s always saying there’s not enough green stuff. I keep telling her to just look outside because there’s plenty of green stuff out there now!

And apparently, there’s going to be even more. Yesterday, Grampy came over and dug in the ground with a big metal digger. I tried to tell him I could do it, but he didn’t think I could do it straight enough.

I’m glad he did it because he dug a BIG hole. I was afraid Mom would be mad, but she’s happy about it! I mean, look at this hole!

Mom says she’s going to plant some seeds in it and grow her own vegetables. She’s not sure how many are going to grow since it’s her first garden, but I bet there will be a lot. Maybe there will be something there for me! Some dogs have told me they love Tomatoes. Or was that Tamahtos?

Some other green things have started springing up, too. The family tulip popped up a few weeks ago and brought two friends. Grampy and Grammy said that the lone tulip has grown every year for decades, but this year, Mom says the bulb split. I have no idea what she’s talking about – the only bulbs I know about are light bulbs and no one seems happy when THEY split.

Here’s a picture of me in front of the Tulip Trio. I wonder if they’ll sing to me in harmony?


  1. I miss living in the country! We have a bird feeder and have had some cool birds even in Bangor though.

    Crows are naughty!

  2. Hey China,

    Those kinda holes grow all kinds of good stuff. Carrots and beans and corn and stuff. Yummy! And then that stuff brings birds that you can chase. Bet you will be kept reeelly busy chasin’ them.

    You kinda look like a dingo in that last picture. ‘Good on ya, mate!




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