Posted by: China | April 1, 2006

So much for winter

Well, it looks like winter is over…but it wasn’t anything last last winter. Last time it was cold, we had lots of white stuff and I LOVED it! But this year, we hardly got any snow and never above my knees. “pout*

But, I am glad that Spring is on the way. Daddy opened the windows yesterday for the first time and me and Hissy Kitty just loved it! She’s small enough (but barely, har-dee-har!) to sit on the windowsill. I can’t do that, but it’s nice just to smell the fresh air in the house and bask in the sun on my favorite couch.

Here’s me on the sunny couch yesterday morning:

What? Oh, come on! I was only joking! Oh, allright.
Here’s a picture of Hissy Kitty in the window. She wants to prove that she can fit perfectly well in a windowsill, thank you very much!
Geesh. Can’t take a joke….


  1. Same here-hardly any snow this year. You look like you’re enjoying that warm sunny couch spot, but Hissy Kitty doesn’t look like she appreciated that comment too much! heehee

  2. I have a butt that wouldn’t fit on a windowsill either.

    Hope that makes Audrey feel better.

    Happy Spring China!


  3. Hurray I love spring. We have had bad weather the past few weeks. I hope you get lots of walks.


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