Posted by: China | March 1, 2006

For the birds…I mean, dogs

So, where have I been? Right here, asleep on the couch, or eating my food or slurping up some water. So, why haven’t I blogged? Ask Mom, she’s my typist. She’s been kind of lax, and after promising me she’d post MORE now that it’s the year of the dog. Hmph.

But, here I am and this post is filled with pictures! You know those bird feeders I’ve mentioned? Well, now I’ve got pictures of all our visitors. I try to get Hissy Kitty to watch, too, but she says it just makes here hungry. Evil thing.

Here we have our first visitors, the flock of Blue Jays. Mom was only able to get three in one picture, but there were actually about seven of them! It was a flock of blue and they sure were pretty.

Our next visitor was rather noisy. I spotted him up in the tree, but he wouldn’t come down to eat while I was in the back yard. So, I stared at him for a while and he peeped at me to go away, so I did. When I was inside, he went to town on the suet brick.

So, who’s next? Oh yeah, those big meanies who scared all the other birdies away. Mom says they need to eat too, but ever since they started hanging around, no other birdies have been by. But, it’s been days since they’ve visited so maybe the others will come back. Besides, they’re too big to hang onto the birdfeeders and were only eating what fell on the ground, anyway. There won’t be anything more for them until the other birdies come along and loosen up the new seeds.

So, that’s all for the wildlife report. Oh yeah, Mom wanted me to tell you that if they pictures look pixelated, it’s because she took the pictures through her office window that has a screen on it. The birdies aren’t really blockheads. Well, maybe the crows. Hee hee.

Hey, wait a minute! All these pictures and nothing of me!

I don’t know why you think people want to see you, you smelly old dog. Now stop yapping ’cause I needs to get me some more beauty sleep.

Hmph. You’d need to sleep for a month, you grouch. Aw, stop your hissing.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. Hopefully there’ll be one of me next time!
-Woof! (China)


  1. I’ve missed hearing from the two of you. Glad you’re back! Loved those pictures!

  2. By the way, Audrey, have you heard about the Catolympics? Come to my site for details and to sign up. Would love to have you!

  3. You guys make me smile. Just like old curmudgeony friends arguing like that. Like Felix and Oscar.

    Phew, thanks for the info about taking the picture through the screen. I was wondering how good pixelated birds would taste.

    Hey Audrey, go back to sleep you grumpy Gus you!

    Thanks for the wildlife report and fun blog entry China!


  4. I love bluejays! They can be kind of mean to smaller birds though 🙂 they are so pretty.

    We have too many crows where we live! the crows here are so fat! hehe. We put up a mega bird feeder and the squirrels like it. Larry greases up the pole with crisco…I’m not kidding. They still get plenty of food for leftovers, and are too fat anyway-everyone feeds them! hehe. Saw a cardinal the other day.

    Shadow LOVES to watch!

  5. That reminds me I should get a picture of the squirrels sliding down the pole. HE HE!!!!!!! Larry is so weird!


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