Posted by: China | January 24, 2006

I’m famous! I’m famous!

Everyone! Look! I’m famous! I don’t know how Bucky and Satchel know me, but Bucky calls me by name!

Mom says this doesn’t mean what I think it means, but I don’t care what she says. I’m a way famous, cool dog and there’s nothing she can say to make me think otherwise. Wheee!

P.S. I think Satchel’s new workout clothes are sexy. Work it, buddy! (Click to make it bigger)




  1. I agree with you, and how cool is THAT!

  2. They are definetely talking about YOU, China! Very cool!

  3. Wow, so cool! Think how many readers saw your name.

    Go China, go China, go, go, go, go go China!



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