Posted by: China | January 13, 2006

Always my blog…but I like ‘The Aud-Couple’

Howdy! It’s me, China.

I just want to let you know (especially Cal) that this will always be my blog and it’ll always be called ‘The China Cabinet.’ Mom made up that name and she’s awful proud of it.

That is…I don’t really have my own cabinet. It’d be nice ’cause I could store my toy stash there and not have to worry about Hissy Kitty trying to take them.

Don’t worry, Dog, I’d never want anything that had your doggy cooties on it. Bleah! Pfft!

WOW! How’d she do that? I didn’t know we could blog at the same time? Maybe HK is magic?

Anyhoo, this year has started off good for me. There’s been plenty of white stuff, I gots me a new sweater and now, I got birds!

Mom and Dad put up a couple of bird feeders in the big tree in the back yard and now birdies come to visit. They always fly away when I come back there, but sometimes they just fly up into the tree and I can look up at them.

Mom was real excited the other day because there were seven blue jays in the tree all at once. She says she’s never seen more than two at a time before so it was like a whole flock of blue jays. She has pictures, but she wants to format them before uploading them.

I wish I could get back there, then I’d show those birds who’s boss. Rowr.

You be nice, you mean thing. Those birdies aren’t hurting you any.

Well, Mom has to go back to work now, so I need to wrap up. I finally got me a good picture of what Mom and Dad call my ‘Charlie Brown’ sweater. I don’t know what they’re talking about, so when they say that, I just look at them and think, ‘Good grief!’


  1. Hey that’s cool how you both blogged at the same time! I like your sweater China. Mom says she knows why it’s called a “charlie brown” sweater, but she’s not telling. Weird, huh?

  2. China, that is a really neat sweater – very fashionable and flattering!

  3. SEVEN blue jays?! That’s awesome! We just gotted a new birdie feeder (I didn’t even get to blog about it yet) that has thistle seed in it and all the chickadees come and eat there. We’re hoping to see Mr. Goldfinch come by! I heard him but I didn’t see him!
    I don’t know who Charlie Brown is either but that sweater makes you look very pretty China doggie.
    Say hi to HK for me 😉 I must apologize for HK’s outburst about the birdies…It’s kinda just in us that we must show birdies who is the boss…


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