Posted by: China | November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

For all us USA pooches, it’s Thanksgiving Day. This is my 2nd Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad and I think I have a lot to be thankful for.

First, to the Tri-County Humane Society down in the hot place for taking me in when I had nowhere else to go. They took care of me and my puppies and helped all of us find a good place to live.

That leads to the second thing I’m thankful for: Mom and Dad. Mom was smart enough to know to ask someone about all the pooches in the shelter and which would be best for her and Daddy. I wasn’t much to show off so they had overlooked me at first but once I was pointed out to them, I was set! I went home just twenty minutes later.

I’m also thankful that Mom and Dad have stuck with me through all my changing. I’m not the same dog they adopted, you see. At first, I didn’t trust Daddy. I even woofed at him the first morning at my new home, but he just thought it was funny and worked to make me realize that he’s the best doggy daddy in the world.

I’m also thankful that when Mom and Dad decided to leave the hot place, that I wasn’t left behind. So many doggies lose their homes because their owners don’t want to bother to take them along. Those people should never have gotten dogs in the first place, in my opinion. I’m talking about the ones that do have a choice – the ones that just don’t want to be bothered by the nuisance of moving another living creature. Mom and Dad aren’t like that and, in fact, made sure I was comfortable during the long trip up here to the cold place.

Oh, and I’m thankful for the cold place. The hot place was all right, but I didn’t get to go out nearly as much and there was no white stuff there. Here at the cold place, it got a little hot during the long days, but never anything like the hot place.

I’m also thankful for Grammy and Grampy. Daddy says he can’t believe how much Grammy likes me, since she’s never been much of a dog person. Both of them are so nice to me and give me treats all the time. I love visiting them. I make sure to behave really well when I’m there because I want Grammy to keep on liking me. I even stay off the couch when I’m told.

I have lots more to be thankful for, but we’re about to leave for Grammy and Grampy’s for Thanksgiving Dinner (I was invited! woo hoo!) and that leads to the last thing I’m going to list:

I’m thankful that Grammy and Grampy have a wood stove for me to lounge in front of.

To quote my hero, Chance the bulldog, I’m going to leave now to eat “TURKEY! Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey…..”

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving China! (And you too Audrey!!)

  2. Happy Gobble-Gobble Day!

  3. Beautifully put! Happy Thanksgiving!


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