Posted by: China | November 15, 2005


Don’t like cold. Want the holes in the floor to spit out heat but Daddy says it costs too much to make the house as warm as I want.

I don’t care about money, just give me heat buster! Oh, and feed me more often. I’m tired of having to wait.




  1. Kitties sure are picky.

    China, are you cold in the house too?

    I’m always hot, but maybe that’s cause the alpha female in my pack likes it hot (the alpha male is always turning it down – it’s a constant battle.

    But all in all it’s ok, cause I get to go outside a lot with the alpha male!


  2. Oh, I get cold too but that’s what I got me a new sweater for.

    Thing is, that cat – she has an entire bed with two big thick blankets that she sleeps in most of the day. She has nothing to complain about.

    She’s just being hissy. It’s her thing.


  3. Hey Audrey, the humans must understand that your needs come first. It’s time to start asserting your authority with some more hissing, an occasional clawing, and if really necessary, a few “accidents.”

  4. Well, I don’t do ‘accidents’ (those tend to backfire on me) but I did eat too fast on purpose last night which always makes me spit up.

    Heh heh. That’ll teach ’em.


  5. I don’t like the cold either and have been protesting but mom doesn’t get it yet (except when SHE’S cold)! hsssst

  6. Sleep on the dog, put your ice cold nose on the human’s faces at 2am, and whine. It might work.


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