Posted by: China | November 7, 2005


Some of you pooches (and puddin’s) might remember that last year I was wanting me a sweater because this place can get cold.

Well, it’s starting to get pretty cold, especially at night and I was wishing for me a sweater again. Well, someone was listenin’ cause I got me a sweater yesterday! Grammy gave it to me for Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary. That’s what I like – presents for me for their anniversary. Wee!

Here’s a picture of me in my first sweater. I’m so bug-eyed ’cause I’m so happy. And last night I didn’t have to curl up in a ball when we was watching movies. I could stretch out and put my head next to Mom.

Ain’t I stylin’? Craziness!

-Woof! (China)



  1. I usually don’t like clothes but China, dog, that sweater is YOU!

    I love it!!!

    You set the trends as usual, and the rest of us are mere followers. Now, hey human! Get me one of those China sweaters pronto, it’s gonna get cold here shortly!!!


  2. looking good

  3. That is such a beautiful sweater, China. It looks like you’ve got an afghan too. As I’ve mentioned in other places, I just love fleece blankets. They’re all soft and fuzzy and feel so good…mmmm nap time!

  4. China, you IS stylin’! I’m glad you got the sweater of your dreams and will stay warmer this winter! Enjoy it!

  5. China, you must be reeeeally happy because you are reeeeally bug-eyed in that picture, hee hee! You look very cute in your sweater, it’s very flattering. It’s very Saks Fifth Avenue!

  6. that dog is so cute


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