Posted by: China | October 26, 2005

White stuff, but not the kind I like

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without talking to my online buddies!

Cold weather has come and I don’t think it’s just visiting. Now I remember why I used to call this the ‘cold place.’ It’s cold!

We had what Daddy called a ‘Nor-easter’ last night. I didn’t see any pretty colored eggs, but I’ll take his word for it. Apparently, it involves lots of wind, lots of wet stuff falling from the sky and for that wet stuff to turn into hard cold stuff. It was white when it piled up on the ground, but it wasn’t that white stuff I used to like to run around in. Mom says that’s coming soon, though.

We had a pretty fall. I can’t see many colors, but I can tell that the trees changed. Then they went bald! Mom raked up all the trees leaves and tried to bury me, but I wouldn’t let her. Who knows what kind of monsters lurk in those there piles of tree hair! I did find a few sticks though, and that’s always good.


  1. Hey China! I love your pic! All those pretty colored leaves look like your in a big bed of funny shaped colored eggs, so maybe that’s what he meant! Enjoy those sticks and I have some if only I had a way of getting them to you.

  2. Hey China,

    We rarely get that white stuff here. A human said that the white stuff came down for about one two, one two (15) minutes about one two, one two (20) years ago.

    When we lived in Colorado it was sooo much fun to run around with my nose in the white stuff on the ground.

    Have fun in the stuff when it really comes down.



  3. You look so pretty in your blanket of leaves, China. Here in Northern Virginia, the trees haven’t gone bald yet. We had to turn the heat on the other day so we know that winter is coming!

  4. I LOVE the cold weather, but I have a double fur coat. You look very pretty lying in all of the colorful leaves! I love fallen leaves…my grandma rakes them into a pile and I jump in it!

  5. I love your picture in the leaves!

  6. China,
    Freda and I are putting together a Dog Blog Calendar, want to be in it? That picture of you in the leaves would be perfect! Come read about it on my blog!

  7. What a cool picture!
    I bet it was fun playing in that crunchy stuff!

  8. I love leaves and the cool weather. Tree people came and trimmed a bunch of trees just when the colors were peaking last month so not many leaves around my yard this year.

    NorEaster sounds similar to what we get from up Canada way too.

    You look so cool hanging out in those leaves China. Have fun!



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