Posted by: China | October 9, 2005

Nasty, Nasty Ghoulies

Well, all the decorations are out. All that’s left are some bright gray lights. Mom says they’re orange, but they look gray to me.

There are some really nasty looking candles around here. I have to turn my back on them when I sleep. If I don’t, I wake up, see the nasty face and it scares me! It’s almost as bad as those mean faces the gourds make.

I can’t wait until Halloween is over. At least Santa is jolly. These ghoulies are just nasty.


  1. My family has put spiders of all sizes all over the place. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! But really, I just say that cause they yell at me when I try to chew one. They are made of tasty polyethyline 100 percent non-biodegradable, suitable for all ages, chewable but not digestable dyed plastic.

    So why can’t I eat em anyway?!

    I think your head thing looks very scary China. What does it taste like, have you tried it yet. Bet it’s plastic. Or rubber. Wouldn’t it be fun to tear it apart!?

  2. Yipes!! That face am all messed up! How very scary! I’d make my fur stand up and do a scary cat pose if I was there. China, go all hidey so that those scary faces don’t get you! Shmaybe a little grrrrowl at them once in a while will keep them in line!

  3. Wonder if I could eat them?

  4. I ain’t gettin’ close enough to see if I can eat it! You pets is nuts!


  5. Hey China,

    That head would freak me out! I live in an active adult community that doesn’t allow little humans. So there will be no Bark or Treats here. Some of the humans have decorated their yards but nothin’ as scaredy as your table toppin’s.

    I am waiting for Gooble Day. I can just see all that gooble meat in my bowl. Ruff! Ruff!

    Remember to eat only the non-chocolate candy when you raid the candy bowl.




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