Posted by: China | October 8, 2005

It’s time to say goodbye…

This is a first for me, so forgive me if I stumble over words or sound a little depressed. I’m not used to being depressed. I mean, sure, I get a little mopey when Mom and Dad leave me alone in the house, but I’m still a happy girl deep down.

But today, I’m sad. One of our best blog-dog friends has passed away and is now apart from us. Sammy, the Beautiful All-Black German Shepherd Dog has gone on to a new place. I’m not exactly sure what death means, but Mom tells me that Sammy can run now – he couldn’t run here. Although he never complained about it, Sammy hadn’t been able to run, or even walk, for a long time.

Sammy was an inspiration to all us pooches. As long as he had his wonderful mom and plenty of snacks to eat, he was a happy doggy. Sure, he had his problems with Elsa and he never did catch one of those kitties he was always wanting to chew on, but he was still a happy dog.

Mommy tells me that Sammy and especially his mom was an inspiration to all the dog moms and dads as well. Sammy’s perky attitude and his mom’s willingness to do whatever it took to make Sam happy was the perfect example of a good pet owner. Her decision to let Sammy run free was also part of that example. She did all she could and when it was time to let Sammy go, she let him go with flair. You can read all about Sammy’s last day over at his blog. There are also some nice photos and videos.

Sammy also gave us the DogBlogRoll, which brought a lot of us pooches together and helped us all make some new friends.

Sammy, I know you’re probably way too busy running, eating all the bananas you can find, avoiding the swimming pool and chasing down some kitties (don’t be too hard on them – not all cats are bad) – But if you happen to look down and think about us, just remember that we all loved you and will always remember you for your positive outlook and perserverance (Mommy looked up that word for me).

And here’s what I think Sammy might just be doing right now: (If you want to see it bigger, click on the picture)


  1. Hi China, that image of Sammy’s heaven is perfect. Thanks for sharing it! Even though I’m a kitty, I grew to love Sam. He was a very special boy and his Mom is a very special human.

  2. Beautiful! I never knew Sammy but I love all animals, and I alreday feel the loss of him in this world just by reading about him! Take care, sweet dog! You’re free now!

  3. China — thanks to you and your human for the beautiful post about my Sammy Wammy. And the photo of Sammy in his personal heaven made me laugh more than cry. You brought out every aspect of Sammy’s adorable yet annoying personality in one magnificient work of art. I have copied your graphic into Sam’s blog (with attribution and a link to your post of course).

    Ear scratches and tummy rubs.

    Cynthia the pet guardian of Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog.

  4. He vas da bestest German Shepard ever. Run Sammy run you’re free.

    chow heidi

  5. Sammy looks just like the Dog that lives in the backyard here!


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