Posted by: China | September 9, 2005

Still my blog…

Hello! It’s me, China! See, that’s my picture over there. That way you can always tell who’s talking. This time it’s me. See, that’s my picture, so it’s me.

Yeah, so it’s me.

I had a talk with the Hissy Kitty. Well…Mom did. Hissy Kitty has agreed not to be so mean to the doggies and to stop trying to be miss bossy britches. I thought Mom called her a ‘bossy bitch’ at first, which confused me, ’cause Kitty is a kitty – not a doggy. Mom said either description fit Miss Audrey, which confused me even more. *whine*

But enough of that. Mom says that this is my blog – that if Kitty wants to be boss, she can take the time to run her own blog, which she says she’s too busy to do. So, she’s not the boss of me or my blog. It’s not called ‘The China Cabinet’ for nothin’!

The leaves are turning colors up here, now. They used to be dark gray, but the tint is changing. Mom is getting real excited. She says her favorite time of the year is when the trees start getting dye jobs. I like this time of year, too. It’s cooler, which means no mosquitos, but there’s still plenty of grass to munch, leaves to eat and crickets to chase. Those drangonflies are still around, too.

Today, I was a bit of a pest. All I wanted to do was go outside and sleep in the grass. But Daddy needed to work and it was really bugging him when I would run into his room everytime he moved. I try to be a good dog and wait for him to take me out, but sometimes I’m afraid he forgets I’m there and I want to remind him that I’m available for outdoor outings anytime he wants!

Well, I’m going to sign off for now. Cal, don’t you worry now. No kitty is going to run my small spot on the web. Don’t be surprised if she gets all hissy every now and then – that’s just how she is – but she’ll always be second banana around here. Hee – banana. I said that just for Sammy, cause I know how much he likes to knaw on bananas and how he feels about kitties. Sammy, you’re a good doggy, but sometimes you can be so bad! 🙂

-Woof! (China)


  1. Yayyyyyy China! Miss Kitty was sure scaring me there, phew!!

    And hey, last week I tried a banana. They are really great. Are they healthy for dogs to eat?

    Anyway, don’t worry about pestering humans. They have to be trained to get up from their work every hour at least to stretch and get some fresh air. They’ll be less grumpy if they just get outside and walk every so often.

    I thought I had my human trained up on that, but these last few weeks he’s a slowing waaaayyyyy down again. *sigh*

  2. Did someone say bananas? WHERE? Hook a girl bun up with some ‘naners!

  3. Hey China,

    Glad you straightened out the ownership problem concerning YOUR blog. Every once in a while my secretary wants to use MY blog to rant about someone in a big white house. He must know Audrey or something. Like you and your ‘friend’ Audrey, I think my secretary needs to get his own blog and leave the good and proper stuff to us dogs. Right? Arf!



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