Posted by: China | August 6, 2005

HELP! My field is gone!

I love my field. Since the cold air went away, the field has grown so much and the grass was so tall that I could go potty with complete privacy. There were all sorts of things to sniff and I just loved my field.

A few days ago, this beasty showed up in the field. I woofed at it and sniffed it, but it seemed harmless, so I let it stay. Besides, it was heavy! It would take me at least an hour to push it away. Besides, all it did was sit there. I thought that maybe it was a nice beasty.

But today…AAH! That beasty got hungry! A man came and woke it up and I guess it wanted breakfast, so it took the man out in the field and ate it! (The field, not the man). Mom just stood there and watched it eat our field!

And now, here’s my field. The smells are still there, but now I can’t potty in private anymore and I can’t hide and play peekaboo. *pout* Maybe they field will grow back! I hope so.

I miss all the black-eyed susans.


  1. Oh dear. I sure hope your field comes back. Momma says those flowers are real strong and will come back next year for you, puppy so don’t be too sad m’kay?

  2. My human grandma has a field just like that – hers grows really fast. Before you know it, voila, instant field. Grows faster than dog-shaped Chia pets I’ll tell you . . .

    Sorry bout your black-eyed susans, but maybe when they grow back they’ll feel better and won’t have to have black-eyes.



  3. Horror – where did all of the food go? Hay, my sweet Hay… gone all of it… GONE! Must not cry… must not cry…

  4. It’s okay, Fiona, the hay’s still there – it’s just lying down on the ground now instead of standing up straight.

    I was wrong about the beasty. It didn’t eat the field, it just beat it up.

    I’m starting to like it this way. I caught a field mouse yesterday! Mom wasn’t very happy about that, but what does she expect? I’m a pooch!


  5. Ok Whew! You scared me!


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