Posted by: China | August 2, 2005

Pictures of Me!

Announcement: The Picture Gallery will no longer be updated on the main site.

Mom says that it’s getting too hard to find time to format and upload all my pictures every month, so I told her that she doesn’t have to do it anymore. She did promise to try to post more pictures here on the blog, though, so you won’t have to go without seeing new pictures of me for very long.

Compared to the warm place, summer has been pretty mild here. It gets humid though, and we don’t have one of those cool boxes that blows cold air. Mom and Dad say that maybe next summer we can afford one, but we’ll have to tough it out for the rest of this summer.

I do love being outside, though. If the horsey-flies weren’t so bad, I’d just lay outside in the back yard all day long, watching the world go by….Oh, who am I kidding. I’d probably just sleep.

When you can avoid the bugs, the back yard can be real pretty. I like all the flowers our field gets. In June, we had white daisies. Right now, we have gray (Mom says they’re yellow) black-eyed susans. I don’t know who gave them the black eyes, but if they ever tell me, I’ll go bite their butt!

The best thing about having a dog-park-sized back yard is all the games of chase I get to have every day. Here’s me with my favorite fuzzy ball.

Here’s one of my most important tasks: I help Mom cook! Well, I help her with clean-up. In this picture, I’m removing some tough peanut butter from the spoon. I don’t know how Mom ever cooked before she adopted me!

I’ll leave you with this last picture of me from our camping trip. As you can see, this was when I started getting a little couch-sick. Um…I mean, homesick.


  1. My Mom likes Your mom might like it also =:3

  2. China, you have the bestest backyard ever!! You’re really lucky you get to run around and gallop like that without running into anything ‘cept shmaybe some black eyed susans. 🙂

    Oh and I didn’t know a horse could fly!

  3. Great pictures again. My human gave up on a picture gallery, he was gonna start one inspired by yours. But, he seems unable ot concentrate on one thing very long. Wait! Look there’s a bunny . . . have to go now.


  4. Cal, Mom says that she’s just gonna use ‘Hello’ and post pictures to my blog. THat way, unless she wants to crop a picture, she doesn’t have to do any formatting – Hello does it for her.

    I’m not sure what all that means – How can a nice greeting help you make pictures?

    Fiona, Mom says she’s gonna look at flickr and see what it’s like. If it’s even easier than ‘Hello’ she might switch.

  5. Hey China,

    My secretary was getting tired and mad trying to send my photos to my blog using Picasa/Hello. They would automatically be published directly to my blog one at a time and he would have to go into blogger and save each one as a draft to get them off the blog. The other day he found an item about ‘posting multiple pictures to one blog‘. He found it in the Picasa Knowledge Base. You can queue the photos up by putting two verticle lines after each caption you type in. When you reach the final picture, it says just omit the two verticle lines. Then all pictures and captions should post as one post to your blog. Nice, if it works AND he can figure out how to type in the two verticle lines. Must be a secret key combination somewhere.

    Hope that helps. Good luck. Anyone know how to type the two verticle lines?



  6. Me, AGAIN.

    We always like pictures. They are easier on the eyes than trying to read all those little symbols my typist calls letters and numbers. Keep up the good work.

    Wish I had a field like that. I have several little ones I go to but can’t run free like you. There are grumpy old humans around who don’t like animals running free. Then I have to ask, ‘Why aren’t the jack rabbits on lead?’



  7. What a beautiful full size picture! How lucky for him to have such a huge space to run which not all the dogs over here have such a luxury. I had a garden for my dogs to roam about, they deserved it.


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