Posted by: China | July 24, 2005

Breed Banning = Lazy and Idiotic

As Cal has been telling us, there are places out there that want to ban breeds of doggies. It seems a lot of people want to take the lazy way out and ban the breed instead of trying to deal with the real problem – stupid humans.
There’s a website where you can post a picture and voice your opposition to breed banning. I’ve submitted my photo, here’s where you can too:


  1. Hi China, tell it like it is!

    Hey, how’s your summer going, does it get hot up where you are?

    Believe it or not Frostbite Falls gets in the hundreds sometimes (then the next day drops ro 60 or something)


  2. Hi again China, sorry to hear about all of that humibitiby you’ve been having. Whenever that gets too high, the skitoes come out. Wonder why they call ’em skitoes, do their toes look like skis or something.

    Wait my human is interupting me (hate when he does that) He’s telling me some cop and bull stor__ . .. what? it’s “cock and bull?” My human says those bugs are actually called “mosquitos” after a tribe of native Americans that died out soon after Europeans came for the first time and started running around planting flags and stuff several hundred years ago.

    Hey human, that’s nice and everything, but I’m commenting on China’s blog here, no place for a history lesson!

    Okay, he’s gone. Now where was I? Oh yeah, the humibitiby. Lots of that here a few weeks ago. Hey, does your tongue get really long and hang way out in the heat and humibitiby? Just wondering,



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