Posted by: China | July 20, 2005

My first camping trip

Last weekend, I went camping with Mom and Dad. It was loads of fun, although I got a little homesick on Saturday night. But we went home the next morning, so it was great. Now, on with the pictures!
I’m always up for a car ride and this one was nice and long. About 3 1/2 hours! Woot!

Here’s our campsite after the tent was up. Cool, huh? I built that tent! Well…I supervised and we all know that supervisors get all the credit, even if all they did was watch, right?

Mom cooked all weekend and on our first night, she made burgers. Sometimes I get some bits o’ meat, but this time, I got a whole burger! Mom dropped it on the ground and she and Dad don’t eat dirt. I don’t see why not! Yum – my!

My job was to guard the campsite. As you can see, I took my job seriously. I had to! You shoulda seen all the squirrels! And boy howdy, were they jerks! They taunted me all weekend, just out of my reach. Boy, did I want to chew on their chattery little necks.

This was the view from our campsite. We were up on a hill from the water, which was fine with me. Sometimes all that water would go away and if we wanted to, we coulda walked out to that island. Mom and Dad said there were critters called clams down there, but I never saw any.

Mom and me went on a hike on Saturday. Here’s the trail entrance.

The trail was pretty easy until the end, where it seemed to go straight up. I didn’t have any problems, but Mom slowed me down. Behold, the power of having four feet!

That afternoon we took a trip to the most east point of the USA. Dad rolled down my window all the way for the first time in my life (that I can remember.) I had fun sticking my nose out the window – but never my head. I’m not one of THOSE dogs.

Here’s the lighthouse. This time, the light was on! You can’t see it here, but it kept a flashin’ at all the boats out there. Don’t know why, it was real bright already. I liked this one – it’s all stripy.

While we were walking around the lighthouse, I met another poopsie. And guess what her name was? Asia! Dad thought that was funny – China and Asia together on the coast.

This here was our personal camp spider. He spun his web on Saturday morning and camped out with us. He caught some of those nasty blood suckers and ate ’em all up for us. Mom doesn’t usually like spiders, but she liked this guy.

And here I am, going home. I was one pooped poopsie by the time Sunday morning came. I was soooo glad to see my couch when we got back.

So, that was my weekend! Mom and Dad says that we’ll be camping every so often. Mom wants to wait for colder weather, which is fine with me! Maybe next time, they’ll let me catch those screechy squirrels and teach ’em a lesson.


  1. Oh China how I do love these pictures! Keep em comin! I ‘specially liked the one of you and Asia. That was really neat how you met another poopsie with a name like that.
    Momma likes the picture of your campsite’s view. She says it reminds her of a canoe trip she took when she was in Egg Harbor one summer.
    You sure are a lucky pup and quite brave I might add!

  2. What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! Meow.

  3. Hi China,

    It looks like you had an exciting camping trip!!!
    We went on a camping trip a while back with our cousin Talon, & we had tons of fun too!

    –Willow & Stella

  4. China, your human takes the greatest pictures. Thank her for posting them. BTW I love your tent! I’m so proud of you for supervising the construction. I’m supervising the construction of the new addition on our house. For instance, I tell the machines to dig quieter and stuff . . .



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