Posted by: China | July 4, 2005

I wanna go…

Here I was, bored on the couch, wondering if anything exciting would ever happen to me again. Then suddenly, Mom said, ‘You wanna go?” She might have said something after that, like ‘outside’ or ‘to the vet’ or ‘to take a bath’ but I didn’t care. She said ‘do you wanna go’ and that’s all I needed to hear.

So, we went…and went…and went. That car ride seemed to take forever. On the way, we stopped and looked at some pretty sights. This was a rest stop on the side of the road. The big bath was scary, but I didn’t have to get in so I took a drink. Tasted good. There were two other doggies there too, but I didn’t get to play. *pout*

So, we finally got to where we were going and Grammy and Grampy were there! I got a nice dog biscuit and then Mom and Dad took me walking in the big woods. These woods are more woodsy than the woods behind our house.

After our walk, we came back and rested in Grammy and Grampy’s nice camp. Those are here feet up there in the corner. The table behind me is made of a law-ster trap. No policeman inside it, though.

On the way home, Mom got all excited because she saw a big doggy off the side of the road. It’s the first time she’s seen one of these big doggies. I wasn’t impressed. I mean, look, it’s just a brown spot in the middle. Didn’t look all that big to me. Mom says they’re called Moose. I’ve heard that they like to eat the tails off of smaller animals, but I’m not sure that I believe that. The dog I heard it from isn’t the most reliable of sources.

So, everyone have a Happy 4th! Be safe and remember what today is all about. The freedom to give your pooches as many treats as they want!


  1. Oh I loves all your pictures and stories China! You have the bestest adventures ever!! That Moose looks really big. Momma never got to see one when she went to Maine but she’s got all ‘cited when she saw this one! Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to bark at all the big kaboomies in the skies!

  2. What a great adventure!

  3. Wow that looks as woodsy as the really woodsy place we go to sometimes. Beautiful pictures too.

    About the Meese: Stay away from the cartoon kind(the ones they have here in Frostbite Falls are mostly animated) – the cartoon meese have all gone commercial around here. (And that goes for cartoon squirrels and bears too)



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