Posted by: China | June 27, 2005

A new, tasty discovery

What a day! It’s been kind of hot, but not so bad today. Grammy and Grampy came by in their cool car that’s missing a top. Mom and Dad said it’s a convertbul. I wanted to ride in it, but they took off before I could ask. Then, I got to take a ride and we went to this new place where Daddy bought me this white, sweet stuff that was real cold. I ate that stuff right up! Mom says Dairy Queen has the best cold white stuff and I bet she’s right. That stuff was delicious! I now have a new favorite treat. I can’t wait until we go back. Yum…


  1. Oh Momma likes that white stuff too! Now we have a place called King Kone which is like a mom and pop dairy queen. It’s really good!


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