Posted by: China | June 22, 2005

Cabin Fever

A couple of weekends ago, I had the cabin fever real bad. My nose wasn’t warm, but I could feel it. It wouldn’t let me stand still, except to stare at Mom and Dad and let them know that I wanted to get out of this cabin!

So, we went to the big bath again. I’m not scared of it anymore – they’ve never tried to make me go in – and this place had lots of rocks to climb on, lots of new things to sniff and plenty of sweet grass to chomp on.

Mom found these pretty smelling flowers and said they were sea roses. I didn’t try to eat them. Mom has taught me not to eat flowers and I try to be a good girl.

I found this very interesting smelly thing. Mom said it used to be a crab, but a seagull snagged it from the big bath and dropped it to bust it open and then that meanie ate him! Poor crab….I wonder if he tasted good.

The big bath had ducks too! I miss ducks. There used to be tons of ducks at the warm place, but we never seen any here. Just big, mean hissy gooses. I don’t like it when things hiss at me (glares at the hissy kitty)

There be giants at the big bath! Mom found this footy print on one of the rocks.

We saw this big turtle along the way. He didn’t move a muscle when we pulled over for Mom to take a picture. He didn’t even smile, the snot!

It was a nice day, but when we got back I was pooped (literally, even!). I snuggled with my piggy and took a nice, long nap.


  1. Oh China…you always go on such lovely adventures! I sure do wish I lived near you a’cause then we could investigate the big bath together! I promise not to hiss at you. I’ve only ever done it once in my whole life. Even then, it was small and whimpy sounding… That picture of the sea roses is just way beautiful!!

  2. about those big baths – they have FISH in them. In the northern midwest some of them have teeth but mostly the little ones along the shore just nip at you if you stand still long enough and watch them.

    BTW, its not slacking, when you don’t blog it means you are too tired to turn on the computer which probably is a good thing for a dog!

    I love all your new pictures of your adventures along the big bath, they’re great


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