Posted by: China | June 5, 2005

May Pictures

The May pictures have been posted to my site! Be sure to click the gallery link from the main menu to see them. (Note: the menu is no longer there)


  1. Wow China! Great pics! I really like the one of your ‘laxing on the pillow with your monkey. Oh! And, I thought the one of you chewing the stick was neat too. I thought shmaybe you were tryin’ to poke that black doggie that was chasing you in the grass.

  2. That black doggie is always there! The only time he goes away is when it’s dark. I guess he’s afraid of the dark.

    I’m glad you like my monkey. He’s the only stuffed toy I’ve ever had that I haven’t destroyed. I did chew his nose off, but nothin’ else. He reminds me of my puppies, and he’s the same color as me!

  3. That monkey is cute!
    Yikes, you let CATS (e.g. Timmy) make comments on your blog?
    You are a better doggy than me!


  4. Way cool pics man. You are the toppemost of the poppemost China. That towel can also be used as a cape so you can become SuperChina. But be careful, as you may have seen in the Incredibles, capes can be dangerous (“No capes dahlink”)



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