Posted by: China | May 11, 2005

Catching up with China

Howdy! It’s me, China, here to make a blog entry about…mmm..nothin’! It’s been so nice the past few days, that all I want to do is go outside and chew on sticks. For example:

And then, I like to run around with my sticks. Sometimes, Daddy gets scared I’m going to hurt myself with the sticks, but I’m always real careful. Or maybe I’m just lucky.

Up in the trees, the birdies are chirping and taunting me. If you look real close, you can see a chickadee.

The Hissy Kitty gets jealous that I can go outside and she can’t. Mom’s thinking about getting a harness and leash so kitty can come outside, but until then, neaner neaner!

And here’s me, walking in the field. See how the leaves are finally growing and how green the grass is? That grass is sweet – I eat it all the time. Those rocks over there, Mom says they cover a well. I hope no creepy long-haired girlies crawl out. I’ll be watching close to make sure.


  1. Hi China,

    Looks like you have a really biiiiiig yard. I’m jealous. I live in the city and we only have a small yard. Why don’t your trees have any leaves?

    I say, let the kitty stay inside! I was on a walk the other day and I stuck my nose in a bush and the fat evil neighbor cat punched me in the face. I growled and gave my warning snort and then we took off. I hate kittys!

  2. Methinks hissy kitty would enjoy a good walk around the house. The good fresh air will knock her out for a few hours. It always does to me!
    China, that picture of you runnin’ with the stick is awesome! You have good form and I like how your tail is way high in the air! You must be a very happy girl!!

  3. I wish my back yard were as big as a dog park too! As long as there’s a nice cool sandbox in the shade I’m good 🙂



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