Posted by: China | May 6, 2005

Some changes…

If you’re a perceptive pooch, you’ll see that a few things have changed here at the ol’ blog.

Mom and I have talked and decided that my blog should be the ‘home’ page of my site. It has way more visitors than my separate site, so why not combine them into one thing? Nifty!

Now, you can access all the pages from my site (there really aren’t all that many, anyway) from the menu on the left. My favorite links are on the left too, just scroll down past Sammy’s Dog BlogRoll and voila!

Be sure to check out my other dog buddies pages – Cal, I think you’ll especially like the Colliwog site.

I’ll have some more posts this weekend – we had another day trip – and more pics posted to my site too.

See you then!
-Woof! (China)

NOTE: The side menu is no longer there. All features of the site have been moved to the wordpress blog


  1. Great idea to use the blog as the main site! That way more people that are lazy about extra clicks will go to more of your pages – awesome.



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