Posted by: China | May 6, 2005

Cabin Fever Sets in Again

Last weekend, Dad said that the ‘cabin fever’ was taking hold again. Maybe he was right, cuz my nose was a little warm. So, you know what ‘cabin fever’ means, right? Right. CAR RIDE!
We went down to a place called Popham Beach and visited another fort. Fort Popham. Dad says it was used in the Civil War. ‘Civil’ war. Isn’t that any oxymoron?

There were plenty of rocks for climbing

And plenty of hills for posing. (This picture would’ve been much better if they hadn’t made me wear that head leash. *pout*)

There were lots of interesting smells. Like these boxes by the docks. I don’t know what was in ’em, but it sure was smelly!

Next to the docks were these traps. Mom says they’re for ‘lawbsters’ but I didn’t see any cops anywhere.

There were plenty of seagulls, but these weren’t as rude as the ones from our last trip. This one posed pretty for Mom several times.

Far away, I saw my second lighthouse. It was on an island, so we couldn’t go up to see if there was a light, or if it was heavy. We couldn’t even see if there was a bell!

Here’s a details of that last picture. See, it looks like a lighthouse, right? That’s a buoy in front of the island. I didn’t see a girlouy.


  1. Oh China how Mommy and I do dream of visiting where you live. It’s her most favorite spot on earth. Your pictures make her remember her many visits to Maine and she can smell the salty air and smell the good fresh air… sigh.

  2. I want to see the ocean so bad. You are the luckiest China. And about those lawbtsers, my human said they didn’t have anything to do with police, instead they have a lot to do with “crust stations”. Now, I have no idea why something living in the ocean would want to make a station for crust, I would just eat it right away and save everyone the trouble. Sometimes the neighbor throws crust out for the birds to eat, but I get it (hopefully before the crows and the racoons)

    Thank your humans for all of us for sharing those fantastic pictures. That’s a part of the world many of us have never seen, but really want to.

    By the way what do those oriental symbols on your page mean? Do they say something fun or important or delicious?


  3. Cal,

    The symbols do mean something. If you click on the ‘credits’ link over there on the main menu (on the sidebar at the top) you’ll go to a new page that has translations for the symbols.

    Oh, and as far as I know, I AM the luckiest China. Then again, I’m the only China I know. 🙂

    Oh, and yeah, there’s no need for ‘crust stations.’ I’ll take care of the crusts here in Maine while you take care of them in Frostbite Falls.

    -Woof! (China)


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