Posted by: China | April 30, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been pretty boring around here lately. All it ever does outside is rain! Mom can’t work on her garden and it’s just no fun getting wet. I’ve been spending lots of times indoors, which means more time with that hissy kitty, but here’s a nice picture of us that Mom took. It’s one of the few times me and the kitty get close that she’s not hissy. (If you look close, you can see my favorite monkey toy behind me on the right)

At least Spring is on it’s way. The big sticks, um, I mean, trees are starting to bud. Mom got a picture of the budding action! Exciting!

And here’s a picture of me hunting field mice.


  1. You look like a hyena in that picture of you hunting field mice. I thought I was in Africa on photo safari. And with your monkey toy on the couch…and that big cat crouched ready to spring…you must live in Africa!


    P.S.No disrespect. My dad worked with hyenas several times and his son works with them now. They are very interesting animals.

  2. Well, since everybody’s gotta laughing place, and the field is mine, I guess saying I look like a hyena is pretty appropriate. 🙂

    Africa..I’m not sure. All I knows is that it’s a lot colder here than where we used to live. Is Africa cold?

    -Woof! (China)

  3. I wish I could have a cool monkey toy like that. I ripped up my goose and my dolphin and my snake toys within about a weeks time. My humans are threatening to stop buying me soft animals to play with so I’m thinking of easing up on them for a while. Nawwwww what am I saying?

    BTW, all of our vertical logs have green stuff growing on them here in Frostbite Falls. The temps have been in the 30’s so most humans have shorts on under their pants in case it breaks forty one of these days. When that happens here the streets are lined with pants and white legs everywhere! The reflection off of all of that white skin on a sunny day is absolutely incredible.


  4. Save a field mouse for me China! 🙂

  5. What’s a field mouse?

    “City boy” Splash

  6. I think filled mice are like, you know, mice you get really filled up on after you eat ’em. Maybe. Or maybe not. Kinda like those door mice are the oneses that eat through doors and stuff. Just a hypothesis as I’m not a entamologist or anything. Wait, isn’t that someone who studies bugs? And speaking of bugs, what’s up with those beetles that look like ladybugs? They’re taking over the northland and they taste really horrible . . .


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