Posted by: China | April 26, 2005

I’d like to recomend…

After Sammy’s scare with the onions, it reminded me that I’ve never posted about a great website that has a whole lot of info about dog food and all sorts of other doggy things.

You can find it here:

There’s a section just about dog food – it lists the ingredients and lets you know exactly what you’re eating. Have your parents read this – it might make them think twice about the kibble they’re buying you.

There’s also a great dog forum full of friendly people. Mom and I have been hanging out there for a year and there hasn’t been one fight yet! That’s gotta be some sort of record for a public message board, don’t ya think?

There’s links to other doggy sites and other neat stuff too.

And best of all, you can see pictures of Quigley, one of the cutest mutts I’ve ever seen. If I weren’t spayed…. 😉

-Woof! (China)


  1. Mom’s pretty picky about what she feeds me. She goes to the store at the other side of town that has Solid Gold.

    I don’t see what the big deal is, I would eat anything. And I do.

  2. My humans started feeding me Docs all natural food in cans which the folks at the Collie Ranch where I was born have started using. It’s just meat and rice and that’s all. Two bad things about it from my point of view. First I only would get about 1/3 the amount of food to eat (packed with natural nutrients for dogs I guess so less bulk) and second, after I ate it within a day I would start itching like mad all over. Strange cause it’s touted as the best thing ever.

    So I got to go back to my regular fare which I really like better anyway.

  3. Thanks for the info, China. I will ask my dad to check it out. I’m always looking for something new to eat. I do like pasta and cottage cheese plus all the meat group. Stuff cooked in wine sauce is the best though!



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