Posted by: China | March 26, 2005

At last, it’s starting to look ‘green’ again

It’s still not spring here. Still cold and snowy, but there’s been a lot more sun, and something even better…


Yup, Mom and Dad finally took me to the dog store and got me some new Greenies. Mmmm, I’ve missed those. While we were there, I had to sniff in each and every treat basket lined up on the floor. I was good and didn’t take anything. Besides, I don’t really like those rawhide things to chew on, but boy! Are they fun to sniff!

Actually, everything is fun to sniff.

Greenies in the Springtime…


  1. What a lovely picture China! Did you compose it yourself? 🙂 I like how the daffodil offsets the greenie.

    Never had a greenie a’fore but I tasted a doggie button the other day and it was very good! Mommy says you call it dry food. To me, they look like buttons!

  2. Hey Timmy, I was surfin’ around the Greenie website, and it says that in the summer, they’re gonna start selling greenies for kitties. Maybe your mom could get you some. Or maybe one of your fans will send you some. THat efalump was nifty!

    I looooove greenies. They taste good and Mom says they make my teeth clean and my breath smell good.

    Woof! (China)

  3. My mommy said ‘last one’ last night…. you know what that means… No more greenies for me. How long did you have to wait for new ones? The pickings in the treat bucket are fairly slim these days. If it wasn’t pouring rain outside I’d tell my mommy to walk me to the petstore. But it is……..

  4. I hope someday to try one. I have heard they are very good. Enjoy them while they last!



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